NBYC Board of Governors

Niantic Bay Yacht Club is comprised of 250 memberships and is primarily managed by a committed group of sailor members who volunteer their time to promote a friendly family sailing environment.

Board of Governors

Commodore—Pam Manthous

Vice Commodore—Cliff Ashton

Rear Commodore—Steve Marenakos

Past Commodore—Paul Grady

Treasurer—David Shluger

Assistant Treasurer—Jessica Smith

Recording Secretary—Edward Coss III

Corresponding Secretary—Tim Parker

Membership Chair—Norm Peck III

Planning & Development Chair—Harlan Fredericksen

Waterfront Chair—Bob Shabunia

Member at Large—Bill Healy

House Committee Chair - Dick Morris

Fleet Officers

Fleet Captain - Jeffery Shay

Fleet Surgeon - Dr. Stephen J. Bosco, DMD

Fleet Chaplain - Rev. Page Rogers


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